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The Great Rebellion is a 2D platformer, shooter and Rogue-like. The game is set in a cyberpunk dystopian future Europe, in the year 2085. The world is controlled by technocratic elites who seek to register everything on the blockchain, achieve digital immortality and transcend their human bodies. They will stop at nothing and sacrifice anybody to achieve this.
You play as a hero who – in true dystopian tradition – is set free of the authoritarian system and finds themself as part of a larger rebellion.

The player will find new laser weapons, upgrades and companions to help fight through the levels and defeat the bosses. The Great Rebellion uses a level generation algorithm ensuring that no two playthroughs will be the same.


Key Features
Algorithmic level generation – Each time the player repeats a playthrough or is defeated, the levels will regenerate in a different layout with different characters, companions, weapons and power ups to find.

No one can ruin your experience or dictate how you play The Great Rebellion.

Difficulty Modes
There is an easier difficulty mode for those who want to support our game and play through the story but are perhaps not so good at video games, or are just rusty boomers.

The Great Rebellion features a HUB world known as ‘The Waldgang’. This area will save your progress each time you visit it. Certain features such as new NPC characters you have rescued will remain here unless you start a new game. The player can progress their HUB world even if they are defeated in levels.

The Great Rebellion has a large array of weapons that all work in fantastical ways. Never be afraid to buy a new weapon and experiment with combinations.

Easter Eggs and Parody
The Great Rebellion is filled with pop culture references as well as references to many loved or loathed cultural commentators. These are the kind of references we can guarantee you won’t see in any other video game currently in existence.

The Great Rebellion features traditional archetypal characters, European heroes both historical and mythological. Not only is the game not woke, it is actively not woke. Tongue in cheek European stereotypes take pride and place in all of their glory.

The Great Rebellion is B A S E D.

Authentic Grassroots Rebellion
We have gathered our team outwardly from just one counter-cultural rebel to a Pan-European – and now cross Atlantic – development team. This isn’t the astroturfed rebellion handed to you by the powers that be, this is genuine counter-culture. If you squeal at it, you may have made our point for us.

Development started in 2021, our lead developer wanted to make his second game, a game that people could play on repeat. A recruitment call was put out and one man answered, a vision was shared for a no nonsense action game that pulled heavily from 80’s action films, dystopian futures and 90’s video gaming. Sharing progress of our game in development brought other like minded people into the team. We have helped one another develop outside of the corporate world, we have built ourselves into a team within our parallel games industry.

We live in a time where the dystopian futures of sci-fi novels and films are on the precibus of coming into being, we have decided to simply follow through on the establishment’s ideology and have fun poking the leviathan as it rolls off the cliff.

About Kvltgames
We are a group of people who came together to create fun, topical and humorous games. We recognise that many people do not feel represented in the games they play anymore. We are gamers too, we know it is painful to part with your hard-earned cash to be lectured or attacked for commonly held values, then to be lied to that this is not the case. We are upfront about our values and make careful design and narrative decisions to make certain that our game can be enjoyed by many disenfranchised people across the board. Without our fans’ support we could not have come this far, for anyone who has followed our journey through thick and thin, you know just what has been thrown at us for supporting safety, family, tradition, charity, fraternity and loyalty. 

To the forgotten gamers, we sincerely THANK YOU!



Release Date
Some Point 2023

Windows PC


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